August 31st, 2020 

Dear CalTrain,
Thank you for your time, even if you’re late when I need you most — you’re always there eventually. Thank you for your solemn one seaters up top. You’ve allowed me the space to feel my most vulnerable feelings amongst your rain-stained windows. I’ve cried beneath my hat, always cradled by your slight g-forces that comfort my body. Thank you for being a link between my two homes. Thank you for providing this unique transitive space where my thoughts can roam free before I step foot back into reality outside your doors. Thank you for taking me to therapy, for carrying me back home on those late work nights, and for protecting my fragile body as we hurdle through the air together. Thank you for providing a real life example of Newton’s second law. Thank you for providing structure in my life when I feel like the world is caving in on me.
I’m going to miss you. Your public graffiti (art) displays, your familial bell, and that unforgettable view out the two seat long gallery windows. Thank you for your endless photo opportunities, you never fail to amaze me with the scenes are provide me. I must give thanks to your diverse collection of stations as well. From San Jose Dirdion to King and 4th, each one possess its own distinguishing features.
Thank you for being my safe haven when I felt like I had no where else to be alone. You taught me to cherish my solace time. You also taught me time management from those many times where I barely make it thanks to a patient conductor, or narrowly missed you by minutes.
You are a stunning force of power and beauty. The air you whip through and the wind you push past are one of a kind. You have taken lives, yet saved mine at points — or so it feels that way. There was a point in time where I thought of using your livelihood to take away my own life. I am glad I didn’t contort your power in that way. Then I wouldn’t be able to savor your high rides once more.
Don’t worry, I’ll be back one day.
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